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Body Treatments

Whether you choose an exfoliation treatment before heading to your massage or a full body regimen including a wrap, sauna, steam, and vichy shower, no visit to BeeVilla Spa is complete without experiencing "The Pearl", our state-of-the-art body treatment bestie.  Choose a mineral mud mask or tropical scrub, and leave feeling like you just got back from vacation- without the stress of an actual vacation.

Body Treatment Enhancements


Wellness Scalp Massage

+ 10 minutes    $20


Love a scalp massage but not the greasy hair afterward? This wellness massage uses a medium that isn't greasy and absorbs into the scalp to improve scalp health.  Pumpkin extract, saw palmetto, and green coffee work together to address concerns like thinning hair, dandruff, and oily scalp.


Body Brushing

+ 15 minutes   $30

The benefits of a full body brushing treatment go beyond exfoliation. Help to alleviate inflammation, increase circulation, and move stagnant lymph. A special luxury touch with a warm towel removal and compression technique is used for complete relaxation.  Includes natural wood body brush to take home.


Sinus Relief Treatment

+ 10 minutes   $20


Using inhalation techniques, aromatherapy, pressure points, and facial massage to relieve tension and pressure in the sinuses.

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